Baxter shampoo and conditioner

Baxter of California, created by Baxter Finley in 1965 started with a single product. In the years since Baxter opened up their range tailored to a man`s needs. “Years of research by our experts proved that all skin is not equal.”

New to the Mr. Pomade stock is Baxter`s Daily Moisturizing Conditioner & Daily Protein Shampoo.

Daily Moisturizing Conditioner: Featuring a mild mint scent, counteracting dryness and adding a natural shine. Its botanicals and vitamins promote hair manageability and will not weigh it down. Restore moisture and help rebuild your hair with this protein packed formula.

Daily Protein Shampoo: Mint scented as well and a great pairing with the conditioner. Promotes hair strength, manageability and body. Paraben free and helpful towards a males hair growth cycle. 



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