Mr. Pomade is excited to introduce a new addition to our lifestyle blog. Here is our first example of this new addition, an interview with Joann Kuno from JS Sloane. Joann and her partner, Smutty Smith, are the developers of their line of products. Their product name originates from their first name initial and the Sloane come from London's Chelsea District. 


Name: Joann Kuno

Location: New York

Who: Owner of JS Sloane Co.



Mr. Pomade: What inspired you to start a pomade company?

Joann: With the new wave of the men's grooming arena becoming popular and traditional old style haircuts and barbershops, my partner and I thought of developing the perfect old school men's product that was different from the rest.


Mr. P: Before starting your pomade line what was your background in?

Joann: I was a broker in NY....always a business woman....with a degree in fashion design.


Mr. P: What influenced or continues to influence your brand the most? Music? Culture? Tradition?

Joann: Mostly old school traditional men's styles, actors, cars, etc.


Mr. P: Why do you think there has been a rebirth with pomades, barbershops, and traditional methods in general?

Joann: I feel life goes in circles, and now with the focus on Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, The Great Gatsby....classic Americana is back strong....when men looked best.


Mr. P: Where do you see the pomade industry 5 years from now?

Joann: I see the pomade industry still growing strong, with few brands with staying power.


Mr. P: What is your ultimate goal for your pomade product(s)?

Joann: My ultimate goal is to achieve to be the most successful Men's Grooming line in both hair and shaving products, with JS Sloane as a recognized and distinguished name in the men's arena.


Mr. P: What do you think sets you and your brand apart from others in the industry?

Joann: JS Sloane has been meticulously planned out to set us above the rest in performance. packaging, scent, customer service and marketing strategies.


Mr. P: What is the one thing you would like people to know about your brand?

Joann: We are an old fashioned company with the best classic products for the distinguished modern man. 


We can see that the pomade industry is still going strong with strong influence coming from culture, music, and traditional methods. Setting yourself apart from the rest of the competition is key for success.




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