We caught up with Brett, owner of Admiral Supply Company, to find out a little more about their pomade and company being that they are fairly new to the industry.


Name: Brett Wagner

Location: San Diego, CA

Who: Owner of Admiral Pomade

Links: www.admiralsupply.com


        •        What inspired you to start a pomade company?

Initially Admiral was started from a love of creating QUALITY products. After chatting with my long time Barber, Brent Ferris in San Diego, we came to the conclusion that the Pomade world needed something different. We wanted to create a Pomade that was 3-things: 1. Light & could comb in easily, 2. Had a strong hold but could be used for a wide array of hairstyles and 3. Represented our San Diego roots. I'll never forget the day, after 9-months, countless samples and at least 1000+ emails, Brent texted me "This is the one!". I was ecstatic. I knew we had just created something we could be proud of.

        •        Before starting your pomade line what was your background in?

Product Development & Marketing. I left the actual product development to our amazing Manufacturer and Brent.

        •        What influenced or continues to influence your brand the most? Music? Culture? Tradition?

I would say culture/tradition. To us, being a Barber isn't just a job but a way of life. We know that the products Barbers use are an extension of their craft. We didn't want to just make a "Pomade", but develop a quality brand these entrepreneurs can trust to bring them products they know work.

        •        Why do you think there has been a rebirth with pomades, barbershops, and traditional methods in general?

Honestly, I think we as a culture went really far one way, in that, we wanted to see how cheap we could obtain products (thus resulting in low quality). But I think we hit the brink, where we all kind of looked around and decided we wanted something better. Better Food, Better Beer and a better experience that was catered to just being a guy. Barbershops are just that. They're local, they provide a quality experience and it's really just a place to escape and be a guy.

        •        Where do you see the pomade industry 5 years from now?

I see a lot of quality products floating to the top and the lower quality stuff sinking. There are some really amazing products out there right now, not just ours, and I think it's a great time for the industry and great for Local Barbers.

        •        What is your ultimate goal for your pomade product(s)?

Our goal is to develop our brand into something reputable. I want people to KNOW they are getting a good product, whether it be a pomade, a shirt or an aftershave.

        •        What do you think sets you and your brand apart from others in the industry?

The details. I think there are a lot of amazing products out there but we REALLY focus on the details. From the product to the packaging. I want people to pick up Admiral and without even opening the lid, know it's something we spent a lot of time on.

        •        What is the one thing you would like people to know about your brand?

Admiral is Quality. Plain and simple. We don't cut corners and we strive to make the best Barber Products on the market.


Admiral Pomade



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