Check out our interview with Big Kat's Barbershop and see how they got their start in the industry and what they are up to!


Name: Edgar Salazar

Location: Houston, Texas

Who: Owner of Big Kat's Barbershop




Mr. Pomade: What inspired you to become a barber?

Big E: My grandfather was a barber for 40+ years. I wanted to keep the tradition alive.

Mr. Pomade: Cool so there is some blood heritage. Where was your grandfather from and what do you remember about him?

Big E: He was from Monterrey, Mexico. I remember him always being full of life and a ton of fun to be around.


Mr. P: How long have you been a barber?

Big E: In our shop we have some who have been barbering since 1994 and some who have only been going at it a few years. All are really amazing at what they do. I have only been cutting hair for about a year now and the shop has been open for 2 1/2 years.


Mr. P: What do you enjoy most about the barber culture?

Big E: The fact that it's a timeless tradition. Things have not changed much in traditional barbering. Sure trends come and go but the standard cuts are still the same as when my grandfather was cutting hair.


Mr. P: Why do think gentlemen continue to come to traditional barber shops?

Big E: Fellas come to a barbershop because it's no fuss haircuts. It's right to the point. Not all the fuss of a salon.

Mr. P: So then do you think barbershops still give gentlemen a place to talk politics, sports and women without having to be so politically correct?  Historically barbershops were just about the only safe haven for this. Do you think times have changed this?

Big E: Not at our shop they haven't. We are so NOT politically correct around here. I think the fun has been taken out a bit nowadays. In the society we live in we all have to be worried we don't offend anyone. I think we can be free to say and think what we want without offending others and if they do get offended oh well it happens maybe this is not the shop for them.


Mr. P: What do you think sets you apart from other barbers?

Big E: I am not sure how to answer this one. I think each barber in our shop has their own thing. We each have a reason our customers click with us.


Mr. P: What do you think gentleman enjoy most about an atmosphere at a barber shop?

Big E: They can come in and be a man for 45 min to an hour.


Mr. P: What qualities do you look for in other barbers that might be cutting your hair?

Big E: I look for someone who is a barber and a barber only. We see a trend here in Houston of a lot of "stylist" who decided they want to now be barbers. There is a HUGE difference in how a stylist cuts hair and a true barber cut. Don't get me wrong we love our stylist at Kat's Meow Salon (my wife and I also own a killer salon) they are very talented ladies BUT they are not barbers.

Mr. P: I agree. Do you also think that a barber has to be more than just a person that can give a good haircut? Do they need to be a certain kind of person?

Big E: I think they need to have personality for sure but if if they can do a great cut that's the most important.


Mr. P: What do you make of the recent popularity of barbering and looking clean as a sort of revival?

Big E: Right now it's the pre-prohibition look. Early 1940s super clean cut. Also having the part shaved in is something we see a lot of.


Mr. P: What is your message to other barbers?

Big E: Keep up the good work Fellas!


Mr. P: Where do you see the barber industry in 10, 20, 30 years?

Big E: Hopefully the same place it is now. Just keeping the traditional tradition alive.

Mr. P: I think a lot of people feel this same way. We started drifting too far from tradition and it got too crazy. Do you plan to pass this tradition onto someone in your family to keep it going? Pass the torch?

Big E: Well not unless I pass it onto my pug dogs. HAHA I hope to keep it alive by inspiring younger barbers with what we have going on here at Big Kat's.


It is great to see that most barbershops are sticking to traditional methods that have worked for generations. If you are in the Houston area make sure and stop by and visit our friends at Big Kat's Barbershop. 







Mr. Pomade

Hey Clayton, I’m glad you like Big Kat’s Barbershop as much as we do. It is a very cool place with great barbers!


This is where I get my cut at every time, never had a bad experience and on top of it the atmosphere is just awesome, there is even a tattoo parlor upstairs where I get my stuff done. Doesn’t get better than this place.

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