Ace High Blue Suede Mate Clay

From a company that brings glass containers to their glory. First off the look is just simple and on point. Their original Ace High has a red colored lid and this Blue Suede has a well, blue lid. If any of you have tried the original, it practically fell out of the container as it was a surprising liquid type concoction. The matte clay is filled to the brim literally and there is no running here.

The pomade has a strong hold to it as it was designed for short, textured styles and longer, fuller looks. This water base clay is recommended to apply it to damp hair. You might think that the holding strength might be lighter that way, but it holds very well either way. The scooping is easy but only take small licks at a time with clays. 

The tricky thing about this is that you will get a hold a notch below what you might think. It won’t feel super dry, it will hold and leave a little movement. This is great for those simple touch styles. A quality clay that you don’t need to use much of.


Comes out with one wash. Orange peel and eucalyptus scent, more on the eucalyptus side.

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