Admiral Matte Clay and Deluxe Pomade
Admiral's Lite Hold Matte Clay is the perfect product if you're looking for hold, style and a matte natural finish. Super-light formula was designed to resist humidity and also prevent flaking or drying of any type. Just a dab and you'll achieve that loose pomp or a multitude of other natural styles. Crafted with a mild Tobacco/Vanilla scent it'll have just enough fragrance to start your day off right. 
Admiral Deluxe Pomade
This pomade is light in your hair but a extra strong hold that lasts all day long. This beeswax infused formula is perfect for classic styles. This pomade will not give you that hard setting style. This formula helps achieve any classic men's hairstyle (sidepart/pompador/loose pomp). Made 100% with Plant based preservatives in small batches. All natural oils, Admiral DELUXE Pomade has a subtle musk aroma.



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