Always look good, Fulton & Roark, Grandad's Pomade
When it's Monday and she looks at you funny because you are leaving the house looking #dapper. Then you have to reassure her that you aren't going on a hot date especially at 7:30 in the morning. That you have this thing called a job that requires your presence Monday-Friday and some weekends. Always look good.
Fulton and roark solid cologne
One of the most sturdy containers, right behind the Hudson and Hammer tins. This Fulton and Roark Hatteras solid cologne seems to be the crowd favorite. This metal container is a perfect work desk, glove compartment or gym tote addition. A little dab when you feel you need a little extra touch throughout the day's activities.
Grandad's Pomade
A few Grandad's pomade in the medium hold still left. I had a ton of these and I am down to the final few. This pomade will not be made again, once they're gone they're gone. "This medium weight pomade good. It's like putting butter in your hair,with a very nice hold. It gives your hair a nice shine, but not a greasy one. The scent is very refreshing. Overall, I would definitely buy this pomade again." -Richard H.



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