Anchors Aweigh Hair Co.’s Strong Hold Water Base

Their strongest and artsiest of their pomades has been out for a little while now. All these pomades are handcrafted by former U.S. Army Paratrooper turned Hair Stylist, Benjamin Miller. The pomade container has a label with a bearded gentleman rocking an undercut. Open it up and you‘ll be met by a coconut leather scent more on the coconut side.  

Even on their site is says this pomade has a gel wax type hold without the harsh chemicals that gel wax companies use. Let’s give it a go. The scooping is very easy just like all the other Anchors’ pomades. I really like that a lot when it comes to a product. Again, I went for two scoops for a more comb lines type style, this time though. I was happy at the smooth application because the product is so easy to work with. It was a breeze to evenly distribute this pomade.

I ended up with a neutral shine and a good hold. Not a crunchy hold where your hair looks like straw if it is touched without water. A comfortable heavier hold that I could still fidget with. I completely washed this out in one shower and couldn’t wait to use it again.

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