Anne Bonny Shave Soap, Suavecito Beard Wax Kent 87T
"I'm an old fashioned guy who enjoys shave soap. So I was surprised to find that it's much softer than regular shave soap; it actually feels more like a thick cream. But the brush still worked fine. It has a very clean scent and a nice thick lather. Shaving was very smooth and pleasant too. Definitely worth giving a try. I'll be buying it again soon." -David S. on Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny Shave Soap
What may resemble a glue stick of sorts is actually a Suavecito Beard Wax It's a neutral color and scent to please all hair colors and sniffers. Keep those fly away hairs down and help condition your hair and skin. Add an 87T Kent comb to help distribute any product and comb those hairs. 



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