Barber Recommendations, Back To School Cut, Reuzel
I am looking for barber recommendations that you think I should follow. S/O @savillsbarbers here we have @giovanni_savillsbarbers showing the utmost attention to the craft. This gentleman is getting the perfect amount that every cut should get. Not only is the cut superb, the shop looks inviting and a place to want to come back to.
Clean cut and styled by Reuzel Clay and Medium Grease.
Now this is a back to school cut that demands attention. Clean, crisp and on point from all angles and styled with Reuzel Clay and Medium Hold Grease. If he keeps it up, he's going to have to fight them off with a stick. Looking good young man. 
Reuzel Products
Blue-(strong hold water soluble) Red-(water soluble high sheen) White-(clay matte pomade) Green-(grease medium hold) Dark Blue-(fiber pomade) Pink-(grease heavy hold) UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A SELECT GROOM.



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