Barbering in popular ads, Muk Products, 1956 Chevy goodness
Barbershop Spotlight. Anyone see the new Apple commercial? The spot takes place in a barbershop, with photos from the iPhone 7 Plus used to advertise the shop's skills. Images captured with the iPhone are added to the storefront, drawing in more and more customers until there's a long line out the door. "In Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, you don't just look good. You look fantastic," reads the ad's description. Shops should take note of the way they try to promote in this video.
Muk Grooming Products
Stocked up on six muk products for you to choose from. orange drymuk- Ultra matte/ flexible hold. flithymuk purple- firm and gritty. #red #hardmuk- strong hold matte. blue rawmuk- firm high gloss. green roughmuk- medium natural shine. yellow slick muk- strong high gloss.
Clean 1956 Chevrolet
We all love fine lines. So pomade lovers, would you drive this with the windows up or down? Here's another great shot from viva las vegas Check out this oh so clean 56. The tri-fives are classic American cool.



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