Big Red Comb, Schmiere Waterbased, Groomed beard
Headed out to work or just lounging in front of the tube for a little while.  It works perfectly for long and coarse beards as a detangler with it's wide and ultra smooth teeth. Helps with distributing a beard product through the hair as well. Daily combing of the hair is proven to make the beard healthy and look great.
schmiere water soluble pomade
Mondays are heavy, and so is this tin by #schmiere. This has to be the most product any tin offers. Schmiere didin't hold back here. "Recently got a bad haircut. Normally against water stuff... I ordered this and one other knowing they would hold my flyaways down. Schmiere got the job done! Smells great and holds with out that 'helmet hair' feeling." -Alan B.
Well groomed gentleman
If you've got it, why not flaunt it? Look at that cool #stache. Many think the two routes to go are either a full #beard or completely shaven. Well a #mustache can be a beautiful thing as long as it goes well with your face. Here we have the one up with the beard stache. Few can do it and few should as well. S/O @thelazybarber out of @brotherwol



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