Blind Barber 30 / 40 / 101

My Blind Barber stock has grown and here are the goods. Three new additions to the line for your grooming pleasure. We’ll start off with the styling cream that goes by 30 PROOF.

Blind Barber is playing by the numbers here. The 30 PROOF is a light and flexible holding cream. I went for it as a styling agent, but it can be used as a pre-styling product as well. It is completely water soluble that adds a nice natural glimmer to hair. I did get a wonderful effortless look with great pliability. After application they even say it is good as a beard tamer, so no product goes to waste which is a win win.


The 40 PROOF Sea Salt Spray provides an above moderate hold. Adding more volume and textured possibilities. I would say this is a bit better for longer type styles. It is a no-shine spray that actually lends itself to “settle” into the hair and make it look and feel rich. The sea salt adds volume and texture for that beachy look. The 40 PROOF is completely water soluble.


Now we take it to the next level with Blind Barber’s CLASSIC 101. The start off by saying that there is nor petroleum or castor oils in this and that it is water based. What you do get is a darn good hold, and I did my two small scoops again. With the first scoop I could feel the hold and the second just solidified its strength. I also really liked the sheen I was getting even before combing it back, which got even better once it was all down. This is a no hair out of place product if you want it that way. It is also a nice maximum hold finger styling product with its pliability which is added amazement.


The 30 PROOF and the CLASSIC 101 are both infused with hops. Which in turn create more volume and defend against dandruff. All of their styling products are infused with tonka beans. Leaving hair with a semi-sweet scent reminiscent to vanilla.



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