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"I've tried a few pomades out in my time, and Blind Barber 60 proof is so far my favorite. Fantastic hold as well as a lovely smell and easy to style. Highly recommend" -Jake F. Light holding with a #matte finish. Another option is their #90proof #pomade with a strong hold and matte finish as well. Both versions are water based products.
Murrays Waterbased Pomade
There are more items available through #murrays that you might not be aware of. Here's a little review of the grandpa harrys "This pomade has a medium hold when applied to damp hair. It goes in easy, smells clean and keeps your hair in place. For the money, this is a decent product to keep in rotation." -Jason H. 
Wind, rain, snow, heat, either way we have to keep it neat. Our shorts have become longer and our shirts bigger but keeping things slick has never changed. With so many alternatives to the classic pomades of the past, it would be hard to not find something you like.



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