Burly Fellow, School's In Session, Doc Elliott
Such a cool beard oil bottle by burly fellow This oil leaves your beard shiny and groomed as well as helping prevent flakes. Your skin naturally regrows itself, keep that process moisturized and nourished with a little oil. Let Burly Fellow help you along.
Young Gentleman Getting His Hairs Cut
School is now in full session, well, it should be at least. You get your hair cut every so often, so why not pass along the routine. This is a really nice timeless photo. The youngster is groomed and dressed better than most men today. Don't search for a hip #barber, search for a #professional one. That way there is staying power and you can pass along the confidence of regular grooming.
Doc Elliot Mustache and Beard Balm
Formulated with beeswax and vegetable oils . This mustache wax nourishes facial hair while offering a firm natural hold. The wax is infused with #jojoba, hemp seed and argan oil to #soften #hair and #restore #breakage. doc elliott comes in two scents, a refined and a rugged scent. View their #pomade and beard balm as well.



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