Butter Beer & Heritage 1792 by Tazmaneian Tame

“Responsible ethics that guarantee you're getting the best for less.” It’s nice to see that from a company, you know you’re going to be getting quality. Tazmaneian Tame is small batch processed and without chemicals or preservatives. These pomades also have various ingredients sourced locally from Kentucky businesses, the place they call home.

butter beer

Butter Beer: Described as a med-firm hold and whichever you choose to describe it as you will feel the hold. This was of those holds where the slick back before any other styling looked so good I wondered why I would take it any further. This is one of those move your head and a burst of the scent will fill your senses pomade. Scented with a sweet butterscotch and buttery rum. If you want hold, hold is what you will get.

heritage 1792

Heritage 1792: This premium water base is named for Kentucky being founded in 1792. Scented with a tobacco and caramel scent due to tobacco farming becoming common among that time. This scoop is almost like a whipped butter, with an easy application. I would suggest a tiny bit of water in the hair on application. I tried it out first with dry hair and used 3 scoops. Two for initial application, then combing my hair and adding the last one on top of that. Great styling and scent, a pleasant everyday style or mix it up pomade. Non drying and washes out in one try. 



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