Byrd Surf Spray, Murray's Beeswax, Heart of Gold
Fantastic product. "Had never used a spray over pomade before until my barber sprayed this over Layrite. So I thought I would try this at home. And it helps when I am working outdoors where I can sometimes face very windy condition. The scent? Very nice indeed. Reminds me of maraschino cherries mixed with sea salt. " -John C. 
Murray's Hairstyling Products
It's none of your beeswax! Well it can be, just stop on in and check out what Mr. Pomade has to offer. Visit our Murrays selection with an assortment of classic and newer products for your choosing.
Gremlin Lady
Not everything is as it seems gentleman. Beware of what the pomade glory might bring. You're going to feel good, because you look good. That little extra bit of confidence can attract some unique characters. If she has a heart of gold, who cares about the candy coating anyway? Keep your eyes peeled and have a great weekend.



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