Byrd Surfspray, Stache Style, Dapper Man Beard Balm
Byrd Texturizing Surfspray . A volumizing and styling spray for an awesome unique look. Sea salt and coconut water add texture, natural shine and beachy volume. Quinoa proteins, vitamin B5 and seabuckthorn extract repair and nourish the hair. Hydrates the hair without weighing it down while offering protection from the sun and it's UV rays.
Stache man
Look at that beautiful stache, and doesn't it go well with his hairstyle? Find a style that is all yours. It can be from a slick back to a side part on the left or the right. Whatever suits you best will in turn bring out the best you. A younger photo of Mr. @brandonbrasstacks looking sharp and enjoying the sun. Owner and barber of Brass tack barbers in Dallas, Texas.
DapperMan Beard and Mustache Wax
Dapper Man Beard Balm softens and moisturizes facial hair, helps control and shape scraggly hairs and is all naturally derived without a greasy feel. Lightweight blend packed in slim case. No greasy feel and washes out of facial hair and hands effortlessly. Net wt. 1 oz. Handcrafted in Southern California.



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