Calidog Classic Pomade

“Quality | Passion | Strength”

I was lucky enough to get a sample of this pomade beforehand. Opening a package that had a color filled label with a pretty cool dog smack in the middle. That dog being Kali, the beloved pomade creator’s four-legged family member. Now with a new version and black label. It made me wonder what kind of pomade could this be?

This got to me at the perfect time. Right when I had gone a couple days without anything in my hair which was drying out my scalp, that’s just the way it is. The scent of the pomade just makes you extremely curious. It’s heavy, this Calidog is a back of the nail scooper. It led me to hope that this would be a hold to handle my hair, and it was. This all natural wax pomade sure has some good hold and more. My hair was getting dry as I said and this pomade was the perfect mix of ingredients that cured my situation.

So, if you are looking for a hold from a quality ingredient product, then search no further. Moisturize and condition your scalp while it looking good, really good.

 -100% Beeswax. Thank the bees for this creation that is now the honey comb building block of your pomade. Moisturizes and smooths.

-Fractionated oil has improved stability and strong antioxidants. It's absorbed quickly and doesn't leave an oily finish.

-Packed with vitamins and minerals. Jojoba oil feeds your hair it resembles human sebum highly beneficial so it’s perfect for sensitive skin...also.

-Seriously look it up! Raspberry oil helps regenerate skin cells, repair hair, and fight’s a natural SPF! (20-50 SPF) Yeah, I know!

-Want to smell like a man? Girls love the smell so what are you waiting for...A dab of Sandalwood oil makes a difference.

-Sweet Orange oil. Studies suggest: It helps detoxify your hair, has healing powers with anti-aging benefits.

-Rosemary oil. It’s a sexy smell with all the benefits. Stimulates hair growth, promotes slow graying, helps treat dandruff for dry scalp.

-Spearmint essential oil can also stimulate the hair’s follicles and increase circulation of blood into the scalp which in turn helps strengthen the hair and even helps hair to grow more quickly.




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