Calidog Water Base Pomade & Beard Oils

This cream is very very easy to work with in all terms. Easy to scoop, easy to apply, easy to comb, and easy to wash out. With such an easy pomade, I would advise someone to really try and get their hair as towel dry as possible. With something this light, upon scooping one might tend to add too much product as it could feel light. This will not run in the tin but is even easier of a consistency than cake frosting out of the can.

This pomade is chalk full of premium ingredients like raspberry, coconut and jojoba oils. Keeping your hair healthy and repairing damage other products left behind.

Awaken your beard! These beard oils will help your beard stay soft and healthy. The coffee is energized with Coffee Essential Oil as the spearmint with spearmint essential oil. Their premium ingredients Jojoba Oil, Raspberry Oil and Coffee Essential Oil feed and nourish your beard hair for a strong and healthy finish.




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