Check O' Odouds on Vimeo, Last Chance On Anchors Discount.
There is a very beautifully shot video on Vimeo of O'douds It's a look into their Brooklyn laboratory as they create a batch of pomade. That filmographer deserves an award. He lets you see the process and magnitude of a do it yourself brand. The steps, the work and the end results. Check it out it's called O'Douds Pomade Process.
So here it is, the absolute last chance to get the deal on Anchors, get 15% off. People did gobble up the shampoo and that is currently out of stock now. Try the strong hold or if you prefer a matte finish, a clay or like it slick. Anchors is a brand that I will proudly carry as long as I am around, and I don't plan on going anywhere.



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