Classic Style Modern Selfie, Mr. Pompadour, Barbershop Etiquette
kidd_phifer taking a modern selfie with a classic twist. When you look this slick, why not? Shoes: On point. Slacks: Check. Shirts: Crisp. Hair: Amazing. lockharts goon grease in the locks, keeping everything slick and orderly. Thanks for being a great customer.
Mr. Pompadour available at Mr. Pomade
Mr. Pompadour items available.peppermint #shampoo and conditioner to choose from as well as a clay #paste and pomade The paste and pomade are water based as the clay is oil based. Try out one or more of these small batch crafted premium grooming aids.
Pug sitting on a barber chair, waiting for his haircut.
This is how I see about half of the guys when I go get a cut. I guess it could be said that it is nice to wake up with a great cut. What are some barbershop dont's?



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