Cliff Original Beard Oils & Wash Bricks

Cliff Original is the type of brand that cares. Not the one that says it does and just tries to sell you their products, they truly care. They know and want you to understand that health is more than health, exercise and sleep. Health also falls into our pores and what we put on our bodies. As well as all around consciousness of where those products go after we are done with them.

They have carefully crafted and sourced all-natural men’s grooming products, chemical and toxin free. “What's more, this whole thing has been inspired by the original Cliff, Grandpa Cliff; a man passionate about his faith, family and farmland. Always honest and considerate of others. Never straying away from the hard work it takes to do things the right way. Our work to provide high quality, healthy products is matched by our work to leave a legacy worthy of the legacy left by Grandpa Cliff.”

Beard Oils (Bay Rum / Tea Tree): A nourishing blend of natural and essential oils hydrates the skin and helps soften and tame your beard. All working together with a subtle, natural scent of bay rum to keep your beard smelling healthy and fresh.

Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E & pure essential oils.

Wash Bricks (Bay Rum / Tea Tree / Mint ): Their all-natural goat milk Utility Wash Bricks provide a skin conditioning, head-to-toe clean. Grab one for above the shoulders and one for below. Each is hand-poured then cured for several weeks to create a longer lasting brick. Choose from the outdoorsy scent of bay rum soap, a cedar musk freshness or a clean accompaniment of the fresh scent of mint

These wash bricks lather up nicely and rinse clean, leaving your skin feeling soft and healthy.

Coconut oil, goat milk, organic palm oil, pure olive oil, bentonite clay, oatmeal & essential oil blend.

Face Brick (Charcoal Detox): This hand-poured and hand-cut wash brick utilizes activated charcoal to deep clean and detox the skin. Each of our all-natural wash bricks goes through a lengthy curing process that creates a longer lasting, better performing product.

Olive oil, coconut oil, organic palm oil, avocado oil, castor oil, activated charcoal, kaolin clay, Moroccan clay with natural colorant and essential oil blend

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