Cliff original: Mint, Bay Rum and Cedar Musk Bar Soaps
This is a great product that will get you clean all over and do it using all natural ingredients. It lathers up very well and smells even better. This mint is not overbearing, it's just right. Your skin and hair will love the formula as it doesn't dry anything out causing itch or any problems. These soaps feel great and do a great job of getting your body clean head to toe.
Cliff original bay rum bar soap
Long Lasting, this is a great all purpose bar of soap that will get all sorts of jobs done and all of them done very well. It will work for your body, for your face, for your beard and hair. Anything you need to get clean in the shower, bath or over the sink this bar will do it. And it will do it without drying your hair or skin out. 
Cliffs cedar musk bar soap
It works very well as a body soap, face soap and beard/ hair soap. These bars of soap are meant for cleaning pretty much the whole body. It will get the job done and leave your skin feeling moisturized. Hand poured and cured for 6 weeks to ensure that they last you long time.



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