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Precision with a comb. One guy who has always meticulously combed #gentlemen to perfection is @ron_talley You'll see it in almost every one of his cuts. There are two ways to go about your comb lines: Find a length that your hair is comfortable with to do such a style. Second, just add more pomade. How ever you choose to do it, get yourself a good comb and see what works for you.
Nostalgic Handmade Pomade
"Outstanding pomade! Most natural non greasy product and to the point you can run your hand through your hair. The scent is fair, it has a sweet tart orange smell lastly, the shine oh boy, the shine is there and it lasts all day until you take a shower. Overall, this pomade is great for day-to-day use, I highly recommend this product for the common on goer." Erick G. It's a bit sad when one of your favorites is about to bite the dust. Always keep another one on hand. Every pomade collection should have at least 2 of your favorite.
Feather Double Edge Razors
Don't gamble on a blade. Always reserve a high standard when #shaving A blade can be the difference between a comfortable shave and one that you have to work at. These are platinum-coated stainless steel razor blade for the gentlemen who likes an ultra close shave with as few passes as possible. These razor blades are arguably the sharpest blades available which means less nicks and cuts. The sharper the blade, the easier it is to shave carefully, with minimal force, and therefore with a minimum of cuts. These blades last a long time leaving more time in between razor changes.



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