Rumble 59 Schmiere Oil-Based and Water-Based Pomades


​​"The special rock hard pomade is just that rock hard with a solid hold that's great for heavy hair and big pumps. Beware though it takes man hands to get this pomade out in your hair, if you like heavy hard pomades then this is right up your ally daddy-o." -Jonathan G's thoughts on Schmiere Special Edition Rock Hard Pomade.

Mr. Pomade - Schmiere Lemon(Green) and Cherry(Red) Scented Water Soluble Pomades


Lemon or Cherry, medium or hard, red or green? Either way Schmiere Water-based Pomades have got you covered

Mr. Pomade - Schmiere Better Dan Oil-Based Pomade Red Container

"Good stuff works very well on your hair, does not tangle when your slicking your hair back, it leaves your hair really smooth, good shine and the scent is amazing!" -Guillermo V's thoughs on Schmiere Better Dan Special Edition Oil Based Pomade.



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