Dapperman Brand

I’ve been fortunate enough over time to have Dapperman Brand pomade in my stock. Now, I am pleased to introduce even more quality products from the brand to the Mr. Pomade stock.

Dapperman Brand

Righteous Hold Matte Clay- Both this and the Dapperman pomade are adapted from an original 1930’s formula. Rub this Matte Clay in your hands as best you can, palm it over the major points on your head and then massage the product in with your fingertips. This product immediately will let you know that it’s going to keep your hair where you want it. Non-greasy or oily and will wash off your hands and out of your hair with ease.

Beard & Mustache Balm- Made of naturally derived ingredients that will hold and control your facial growth. Add a dab at a time and work the balm thoroughly into the beard and add as needed. Taming the burliest of growths with finesse.

Dapperman Brand Soaps

Dapperman Organic Soaps

Bay Rum Body Soap Brick- Certified organic full body bar. Dapperman is stated as saying, “The spiced aromatic scent will leave you feeling like ye ole pirate in the Caribbean Islands.” Scented with such a pleasing bay rum almost to the point of me think that there is something a note right before mint, but this is bay rum? The clean is an amazing and the attitude I came out the shower with was a breath of fresh air. 

Mint Tea Tree Brick for Head & Beard- This bar soap is specially formulated as a shampoo. This Mint Tea Tree is a mature mint scent, without that super sharp note or sweet bubble gum reminder. Somewhat reminds me of the way mint smells after it is freshly picked and left to dry for a day or two before a washing. Made with a ton of nourishing oils and made for healthy living.

Spiced Citrus Deodorizing Body Soap Brick- Clean and deodorize your body naturally. Handmade with natural nourishing oils like clove and coconut. Wonderful lather and great lasting scent of cinnamon and citrus.



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