Dax Hair Shaper, Tip Top Matte Pomade
Immediately I was shocked on how smooth it went threw my hair I could shape it in ways I couldn't have thought possible with a nice strong hold & I was like woah.I was ready for the day and I swear I've never got as much compliments as I did that day there were like omg mikey I love your hair. Women I thought would never think I was cute didn't hesitate to tell me that day and I was like did they put magic in this stuff? It helped me out alot for more confidence in myself."
-Michael P.  on Dax Hair Shaper Hair Dress
Tip Top Pomade
This matte pomade is a medium hold #water based pomade that gives an all day hold with no shine for that #natural look with the Tip Top #signature mild scent. It's ideal for any traditional #barber haircut or style. Tip Top matte is a water soluble and washes out easily. Formulated, manufactured, tested and approved by So Cal barbers. 



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