Decoded Pomade, Sideparts, Handlebar Mustache, Slick Devil Classic
Grab a bowl of Decoded Pomade for the lowest price available. "A solid orthodox water-based/gel-type pomade with the added benefit of endurance that lasts all day in all weather conditions. They're not lying when they say it doesn't melt in the heat/humidity. Application and styling is a breeze; does harden up like an orthodox water-based, but that is to be expected. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a water-based pomade providing a "set it and forget it" style and all day hold." -Raajaram G. 
Side part undercut looking good paired with a handlebarmustache
Side part undercut looking good paired with a #handlebarmustache Here we have @dangeruss777 for @braidbarbers shot by @r.braid The Braid name has been synonymous with quality mens and ladies hairdressing in the UK for over 40 years. Great job on the hard work.
Slick Devil Classic Pomade available at
Stop on in for the new Slick Devil Classic Pomade that is AMAZING! A water base that has impeccable shine and doesn't harden. Completely washes out within one wash. You won't be dissapointed.



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