Denman, Steadfast Pomades, Goodfellas
"Even the packaging that the brush comes in shows how much attention to detail Denman provides in its products. The brush is of very high quality and has a hefty weight to it. It's incredible how good it grabs the hair with just nine rows of widely spaced bristles. I really like the look of the white bristles and the red rubber contrast; this shows dirt and grime easily which reminds you to clean the brush. The only drawback is that my wife used it, and loved it so much, that she confiscated it from me. The price at which Mr. Pomade offers this amazing brush is so great that I ordered a second one in matte black for myself. I'll need to hide this one!" -Juan S. on the Denman Classic Styling Brush
Steadfast Pomade in both Original and Strong Hold
Steadfast Pomade is a clean scented strong medium hold with a nice clear blue color. Completely washable and allows you to mold your hair to your desired style with the ability to re-style if needed. Great for a variety of styles. Anchor hold is a colorless pomade is Steadfast`s stronger hold pomade, yet still completely washable. With Anchor Hold you have the ability to re-style if needed, even with its heavy hold. A touch of water and restyling is a breeze.
Robert Di Nero and Ray Liotta in the movie Goodfellas
"You know how you buy one pomade every say, two weeks." "Yeah." "Well combine those two and you can save on shipping with Mr. Pomade. A dollar here, a dollar there, it all adds up." "Really?" "Yeah, he has free shipping on orders of $25 or more for US residents. You better not tell anyone I told ya." "Ok Jimmy I got ya." #goodfellas



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