Denman Style Combs, Classic Duck Tail Hair style
"Truly a work of art I've used a lot of combs but this one works my hair like no bodies business and it's super sturdy I might have to buy 50 more to live off of for the rest of my life." -Philip S. verified buyer I have to agree with Philip and that it is a great comb for #barbers as well. The length of this comb makes it easier to keep a grip while changing between cut and comb. Long lasting and a heat, chemical and impact resistant tool.
D.A. in the back hairstyle applied at a barber shop
@joao_r.u.f.i.n.o is "killing them softly." No true classic style is complete without a line down the back. Tapered sides and a good sheen to a well put together style. Support this young man in his grooming efforts out of @figarosbarbershoplisboa



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