Diane Combs, Exelento Pomade, Friday Feels
Seen a nice little bit of #flattop action going around. Check out this flat top comb by diane combs This Flat Top Comb is great for cutting hair as well as styling. With it's wide smooth teeth it will blow through your hair with utter ease. Barbers and stylists trust these combs and so should you. They are well built and will last you a very long time with the proper care. Comfortable to use and hold. With it's large size it will get you styled in no time. 
Exelento hair grooming
Deeply conditions by helping fight split ends, dandruff flakes and frizzy hair. Enhanced with lanolin and olive oil for healthy "in control" hair. Same great formula with lanolin, olive oil, and a new enhanced scent. Deep conditioning helps fight split ends, dandruff flakes and frizzy hair.
Monday-Friday workers leaving on Friday evening like.... The time change has done some work and cooled things down. A little beach bonfire seems like a good idea. Well, that and a pizza. have a great weekend everyone.




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