Dr. Squatch All Natural Soaps: Gold Moss Scrub, Cedar Citrus, and Pine Tar
This Dr. Squatch Gold Moss Scrub Bar Soap is a woodsy gem with oak moss to remind you that you need some suds that are as solid and earthy as you are. To balance out the rustic musk, they’ve subtly blended in shea butter and #sea #salt, creating a bar as potent and smooth as your favorite bourbon. Natural hand crafted soap made from 5 natural oils . Net wt. 5 oz 
Cedar Citrus Soap From Dr, Squatch
"I've been using the Dr. Squatch Cedar Citrus Soap for the last month and have been really happy with it's refreshing scent. I keep a bar of it next to the sink and use it everyday. I wanted to get away from all the harsh chemicals in #antibacterial soaps and was looking for a better alternative and Dr. Squatch has been a great find." -Jason F. 
Dr. Squatch Pine Tar
"I have only used the Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Bar Soap and have to say it is fantastic! I have problem dry skin/eczema and this exfoliates beautifully and leaves my skin smooth...plus the scent is invigorating." -Terry H. 



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