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Dreadnought Shave Cream is made from the finest ingredients you can find in a premium shaving cream. Made with decelerine which reduces the appearance of hair and makes for a comfortable shave. Pair this great cream with the nicely weighted #shavette #razor by #dreadnought as well.
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The heat is on it's way if it hasn't already reached you by now. Time to pick up someheavies from your trusted Mr. Pomade. One little trick is, go to your #barber with absolutely nothing in your hair. That way if a style does fall apart it will still have the apprearance of a well kept style. Maybe not the exact style you were going for but a clean style none the less. Nobody wants a tarantula hair.
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"I'm glad to see POMADE.COM started carrying this great pomade. I've been purchasing it from my local barbershop and have been using it for about a year now. I would describe the scent as rosewood, clean and refined, but it doesn't last long and usually goes away after a few minutes, so it won't overpower your cologne. The pomade has an amber color and is very tacky and easy to scoop out. Easy application and washes out with just water. I have wavy hair and it gives me great control, but without overdoing it and leaving me with porcupine hair. I always apply my pomade on damp hair, and it leaves me with a slight shine. It does harden up and you'll lose the slight shine if you run your fingers through your hair afterwards, but unlike other water based pomades, it still leaves my hair somewhat straight and manageable." -Juan S.



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