Father's Day, SPB Whiskey Bar Beard Oil, O'douds Matte Paste
This weekend! FATHER'S DAY is this weekend! Are you a last minute shopper? Well some US orders, this is your last chance to get the man who made or raised you a token of your appreciation. Don't get caught bare handed on this special day. If you are a Father yourself, why not pick up something nice for yourself? You can always tell the wife it was my fault. 
Suavecito Premium Blends Whiskey Bar Beard Oil
The most popular of the Premium Blends line by Suavecito "Found whisky bar beard oil on this site. . (I was looking hard since it was sold out everywhere else) they had it available, paid with PayPal which I appreciate! And the item arrived within 1 day (SoCal local) but I'm very happy with the timing and availability of product!"-Arianna S. The perfect scent for the true gentleman . Soothing and nourishing for the beard. Splash it on and strut through your day. Aged in North American Oak Whiskey Barrel. Packaged in a cardboard tube. Suavecito Premium Blends Whiskey Bar Beard Oil
different combing styles using Odouds Matte Paste
Everything pomade group member @n.d.duy Here showing us different styles with Odouds Matte Paste. One one side we have a refined style combed with a comb for those nice a uniform lines. On the other side we have something that might have started with a comb and ended with some fingers. The finger style still retains its shape just with wider and thicker lines. Both styles compliment the person



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