Firsthand Pomade, Beautiful Cuts, Fisticuffs Tattoo Balm
This styling clay is a #lightweight and clean product that is made with healthy ingredients that will help keep the #hair #nourished throughout the day. This product is great for textured messy relaxed styles without any greasy feeling. It will feel like you are wearing nothing in your hair at all.
Beautiful Haircut by Barber From Barberia Porto
"We take the time to write something of value. We describe the moment captured, we share our thoughts or try to express in words what the picture will never tell you. But sometimes, a picture is just fine. Gian crafted this beautiful haircut and beard. We ended up writing a big ass caption, but we do think this one speaks for itself." S/O @barbeariaporto
Fisticuffs Tattoo Balm
Get your stock before its too late. Those Halloween flash sheets will be coming out soon for you enthusiast. Take care of those tattoos so they can look as fresh as day one for a while.



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