Friday Relaxation, Hudson & Hammer, Slick Of It All
The feeling of a Friday no matter what you have to do. Something about this day for most of us just brings a smile to our hearts. It's kind of like a reward for the week's hard work. Wishing you a splendid one no matter where you are or what you're doing. Enjoy!
Hudson & Hammer Classic Pomade and Alchemy Formula
The Classic Pomade by Hudson & Hammer is designed to hold hair strong in place and make you look damn good. While the Hudson & Hammer Alchemy formula is the perfect mix between pomade & wax equipped with a low to medium hold and satin shine. Both #pomades come with a built in bottle opener on the back of the tin.
Pomps Not Dead Slick of it All Hair Pomade
When you're just slick of all "One of the best light pomades out there. Has the same scent as Pomps Not Dead Original. Smooth application, amazing sheen, and great hold for my thin hair type. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys light pomades. This will definitely be my winter time choice out of any light pomade in my collection. Edwin is the man with the plan. If you haven't tried any of his products, Pomps Not Dead Slick of it all is a great place to start." - Jay D. 



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