Fulton and Roark Shave Cream, Hairstyle, Barber Skills
Check out the shave cream by Fulton and Roark A high performing shaving cream that will create a layer of plush lather for your razor blade to glide upon giving you a #safe and close shave that feels great. The concentrated formula goes a long way ensuring that it will last getting your money’s worth.
This post by @highlifepomades just nails a good and major points about hair. Also did you see the lineup that they will be coming out with soon? Looks like four new products will be heading out soon.
I follow barbers due to their skills and their passion for hair. Shops as well that aren't trying to glorify themselves but their customers first. Attention to detail and confidence in their craft and skills. Time  doesn't permit me to post everything I want, but I do appreciate the tags. Keep up the good work and keep making those men and women look their best. S/O @emma_ccbs



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