Good Hair, Anchors New Pumps, Recommendations
A nice little #dropfade by @inthecut305 cutting out of #hisandherparlour Everything looks perfectly tied together on this one. Some of your guys have to understand that some people are blessed with easy to manage #hair. This #gentleman has a perfect length for him on top and his hair is thick all around. Giving him a truly nice blend. Good genetics, a good #barber and a good #pomade, for anything else, just add a little more attention.
Pump up your routine with anchors hair co and their new pumps. Same great shampoo and conditioner just with an added convenience of a pump. Both products contain a blend of essential oils for your benefit. Don't just use shampoo alone, #condition your scalp. Your hair will thank you. All new orders will get these bottles.
ANY RECCOMENDATIONS? I am always looking for brands to add to the collections. Let me know what you would like to see or just write down a favorite of yours. As a purveyor of #pomade and grooming essentials I am always looking to expand the inventory for you. I will take suggestions of anything grooming, pomades, shave products shave beard products beard combs tonics even ideas for new apparel. This is your have at it post, so let's hear those suggestions. It will take time, and I thank you for your patience. Mr. Pomade If you are a brand yourself you can email me at with wholesale information.



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