Grim Grease Customer Review, 35mm Selfie.
"The scent is fantastic, last longer than most pomades. My four star rating might not even be fair, as this is my first time dabbling in water based pomades. They might not be for me they wash our easy but just don't have the same hold in my opinion​. However if you are a water based enthusiast this might be right up your alley. Like I said the scent alone makes me willing to give this another go and see if I'm just not applying it right and perhaps it just takes denial and error." -Michael D.  on Grim Grease Waterbased Pomade
Old School 35mm Selfie
Don't you wish the world could see you when you have one of those fantastic hair days? When all the hairs lay down right, the side part is straight and it smells just right. @brymora shot a pic of himself wearing The Iron Society.



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