Grooming Tonic, Styling a DA, Suavecito Combs
T-t-tonic! A couple starters, finishers, or just hair treatment options. Here's review of the Reuzel grooming tonic: "I've been using this product for almost a full week now and I really like it. Reuzel always puts out great products and this is no exception. on the days im not working i use it by itself, there is a hold but not huge obviously since this is a tonic...its sticky consistency works well for a light/natural looking hold. I use it in dry hair and in towel dried hair as well (damp). the scent reminds me of pineapple but it quickly subsides as it dries. it is recoverable and can be used as a sort of base if you plan to apply with other pomades or hair products. overall, good stuff from Reuzel!" -Kyle.
Westons Barbers styling a old school Ducks Ass Hairstyle AKA DA
@westonsbarbers giving the back of the head a little life. A duck tail / ass / arse is a great addition to a #style. The back can get a little thick when all the hair comes together. A properly cut DA can give a leaner look and lets a hairstyle have more movement. Take in the middle section just a tad more so the DA can comb over easily and not bunch up.
Suavecito Pomade
Palm-ade? Suavecito has a ton of combs, pomades and products for you all. Do you like those sides as slick as they can be? Don't forget about the Suavecito palm comb. Comb those sides and massage your scalp and release those natural oils. Pick up the nice pairing of a Suavecito Pomade and a different type of pocket comb



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