Hairstyles, Movember, Suavecito Fall
Pomades, there are a ton of them. So the question is, what is your current if not, favorite #hairstyle? I would really like to hear from #ladies as well on what style they like to see on a handsome fella. Ladies, here is your chance and tag a friend you might like to see it on or that already has it. 
When guys who have been growing their beard since August scream "NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!" Well it is #november and now #noshavenovember is alive. Are you going for it? #beard #facialhair #growth Get yourself some #beardoil to help #moisturize and with any irritation. 
I have a couple left, get them before they are gone. I always get emails asking if there are more after they are all sold. You better get on it, this #suavecitopomade is in a #oakmoss scent. Same great pomade in either hold with a different scent twist for #fall. 



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