High life Voodoo Brew And Voodoo Island Pomades
Mondays are full of Voodoo Island High Life, The scent of Pina Colada is amazing on this pomade. Voodoo Island is a great medium that doesn`t wash out in one try, because it`s not supposed to. It is intended to remain in the hair for consistent control, and add sheen to whatever style you are going for. Great for pomps and short quiffs. 
High Life Voodoo Brew
To avoid the appearance of flakes and accentuate darker hair tones, High Life Voodoo Brew Pomade comes in a darker tint. Coconut scented and containing emu, jojoba, tea tree and avocado oil adding to a nice sheen for your slick styles.
High Life Voodoo Brew II Pomade
Do you love a pompadour or jellyroll among other classic styles? Then Voodoo Brew II is the pomade for you. An easy to style heavy that will not wash out in one try, leaving your hair with control and the ability to restyle at your pleasure.



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