Hudson & Hammer

Created by Laguna Beach native Brett Linkletter in 2015. Hudson & Hammer aims to inspire men to create their own path and do so with confidence. 

These Los Angeles based pomades are the one time when I think what is written on the back of the tins is a perfect description.

“Our first and original is the Classic Pomade, produced in Los Angeles, CA. This is the product of a year of experimentation and development and has been carefully crafted to meet slick back needs. This easy to wash out, water based pomade comes equipped with a medium to high hold, medium shine, and coconut fragrance. It is designed to hold hair strong in place and make you look damn good.”

“The Hudson and Hammer Alchemy formula is the perfect mix between pomade and wax. Unique and original in its nature, this water based product comes equipped with a low to medium hold satin shine, and coconut / eucalyptus fragrance. It was created with the mentality to let men live on their own terms and look good while doing it.”

Before I go any further with these, I must write about the tins. These tins could probably withstand an atomic blast, literally. There will be no cracking here, no shattered glass and weeping, and the back even has a freaking BOTTLE OPENER! Yes, you read that right. That’s how sturdy they are.

Great water based pomade with wonderful “best of” part of the fragrance. A cut to the chase scent and easy to apply product. This was a nice stray away from the comb, I initially just did a finger combing and came out with a great hairstyle. Mind you that my hair is straight and about 2-3 inches at the moment. Anything shorter might need an extra scoop and a comb. For simple easy to achieve styles I would recommend the Alchemy pomade, and the Classic Pomade for those who want a bit more hold.





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