Irving Barber Company

“Our goal is to constantly have a creative look at tools, how they are used on an everyday basis and to keep the company evolving with more options to the market.”

Cousins Chris and Richard Toone set out trying to offer a new option of razor. Starting Irving Barber Company in 2013 after having a combined 20 years of experience in the beauty and barber industry. So now, on to the goods.

Irving Barber Company wanted to make a universal straight razor that would use the top 3 styles of blades and make it look good while doing so. Most straight razors tend to cater to a single type of blade. This razor allows you to change between blades for lineups and thicker blades for full shaves without complication. This versatility is a welcomed convenience to California Barbers. It is illegal to use a traditional straight razor because of the possibility of customer fluid transfer. Barbers must use disposable blades.

Irving Barber Company

Each razor has a magnetic blade stabilizer for helping blades stay in place while seating. They are evenly weighted for added balance and every blade type will have consistent blade exposure. To add even further style, they come with a leather case.


IBC has two colored Boar Bristle Brushes. The white brush is the firm one of the two while the black one lends itself to being more of a medium soft brush. A great tool for those pesky hairs that might get in the way of your craft. Easily used in any position to comfortably brush away a customer’s hair or freshen your clippers.

Tweezers you say, why tweezers? For hair splinters of course. A great solution for every hair craftsman who just wants to get it gone. 4” in length and made of German Stainless Steel.

Irving Barber Company



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