Is there a perfect pomade?

Is there a perfect pomade?

Yes, there is, but, it starts with personal preference. Time and time again, people in the pomade community ask the age-old question of “What would you suggest for me?” The only true answers can come from personal experience. Trial and error are the major players in what will best suit you. Ingredients, convenience, seasons, popularity and shipping all play a major part as well.

Are suggestions of value? Most definitely. Someone with a seemingly similar hair type and styling can lead you down an already traveled path. Does that mean that a certain product is going to work the same way? Maybe, or maybe not, you just should try it out yourself.

Your taste will most likely change along the way with most anything. You will find some keepers and some not worthy. Some pomades that help your certain type of hair and some that just do not do what you hoped they would. The major thing is to recognize what you like or do not like from each pomade to find something that best compliments your own unique taste.

Can the straight-haired gentleman help the curly haired guy? Sure thing, but you must understand that application and styling are going to be much different. It’s the war of words and actions. Someone can hail a product as life changing in theory and it fall flat in reality to you.

So here are a few suggestions: Search for pomades by a scent that you find appealing. Let’s face it, it can work like Heaven but if the scent is horrid, then no dice. Next, think in terms of seasons and climate in your area. As in, do not go searching for a light pomade midsummer if you have shorter hair and you have a hard time keeping it down in the first place. Do not just toss out a product after a single try unless you’ve kept and will keep the same hairstyle always. A short haired disaster can be a long haired perfect pairing. Google the pomade, go to the brewer’s site, read the descriptions and look for any reviews there. Google might lead you to a nice YouTube video of the pomade as well. The person might not necessarily have the same hair as you. Yet you hopefully can catch a glimpse of the texture, opinion on the scent, breakdown, application and things like personal hold and build up aspects.

You really need to get those fingers in what you are interested in. Dive into the products, the textures, the ingredients, and your own personal niche. There are so many pomades on the market. You will find a daily pomade and many others you love along the way, but patience is a virtue here. When you’ve tried something out, post a review to help someone else get some info down the line. You can do so at underneath each pomade on the site.

So, cheers to you on taking the time to find what you need for your own personal grooming experiences. Putting effort in one’s appearance is a matter of personal pride and respect. When making a style all your own let no barrier stand in your way yet always use common sense. Remember, your barber can be a great advocate in choosing a style that best suits your wants, likes, and reality. There are hundreds of other factors to decipher, the main one, is to find what you need.



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