Johnny Cash, Large Selection, Simon Peter's
Here's a nice photo of Johnny Cash in amazement of how nice his hair turned out. What a work of art, a piece of architecture, a model for all those who come afterward. How did he ever have any time to write any songs? All these old timer hair cuts have one thing in common, length. Don't think that these styles were all night time training caps or blow dry styles. They are a good weight of hair and good pomades combined. 
Different types of pomades
DIfferent characteristics, subtle differences like ingredients, artwork, scents, application, strength and everything adding up to an end result. Mr. Pomade has whatever you are looking for. The name brands, the home brews, the popular and the little guys. Browsing is free, stop on in
simon peters pomade
Peppermint smells exactly like candy canes, scoops out easy, spreads in your hands nice and creamy and goes in your hair real smooth. Hold is awesome for a medium, really stays slick and tight.



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