JS Sloane 1947 Superior Hold

New stock is in, this one by way of JS Sloane. If you didn’t think JS Sloane had enough hold already then here is your match. Along the same creamy fiber type feeling as the heavyweight and just as easy to apply. Best used as a generous application and with towel dried hair. Dry application gave a bit of resistance as it should, but a dab of water ran this through very well. A true firm product that didn’t leave any strays and washed completely out the first time. The scent is a bit more mature compared to the regular medium and heavyweight. The packaging came a step above normal, this time with a gold lid and accentuating the new pomade.

JS Sloane

JS Sloane has proven time and time again to be a great contender among grooming products out there. Settling for nothing but the best and with their customers always in mind when it comes to something new.    

JS Sloane



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