Keep Your Beard And Stache Tidy, Imperialy Hair And Body Wash
Don't forget about that stache. Just as important as your hairstyle and beard, a mustache is a statement. From combs to mustache wax and even beard oils and balms to help out, stop on in. "Got this nice mustache comb from Mr. Pomade and by golly it laid those pesky wanderers right down." -Ned
Imperial 3 In 1 Hair And Body Wash
Imperial Complete Hair and Body Wash smells great, works even better and is on sale till the end of the weekend. Work this product between your hands and it activates a rich, foamy lather boasting a sage and bergamot scent. It is infused with organic argan oil and pro-vitamin B to keep your hair strong and green tea extract to protect your skin from harsh environmental 



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