Kegley & Co.

Kegley & Co.

The Kegley brothers started their brand in 2015. Clark and Logan are two brothers from Seattle, Washington who actually make their products all by hand. Using the best locally-sourced ingredients they can find, there were hundreds of recipe cooking’s before these phenomenal final results.

Do everything themselves and being meticulous when it comes to quality. Kegley & Co. is the “run with me” type of company that lets you in on everything they are doing. Here’s a link to their vlog and their journey

Kegley & Co.

Water Pomade: An unorthodox water base that is really easy to scoop out. Application is simple by being thin like a lotion. Great control but not overbearing, where you can style your hair but it still has its natural abilities. A more medium casual feeling satin finish product that works with your hair not against it.

Clay Pomade: Sage and Eucalyptus scented pomade. Just as easy to scoop and apply as the water based. Great amount of control for a clay and great for textured styles. This is one of those products for those of you who like to use their fingers as a comb. No combs are really needed, it’s a product that shows versatility and quality.

Wax Pomade: No tugs or pull for Kegley & Co.’s oil based product. A sandalwood and bourbon scented hassle free pomade. Endurance is a bit lighter, more of a medium holding pomade. Smooth feeling with a great sheen, classic look giving all while being able to achieve volume.

Cream Pomade: It’s a cream, so this did run on the light side. Natural finish and suited for any length. A great idea for those days when you don’t want to fuss with too much product in your hair, but you want something in there.



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